aligned with new ofsted framework 2019

Innovative progress measurement

Competence tracks and improves learner progress in a variety of education settings.

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Senior Management

See learner progress immediately against knowledge, skills and behaviours & increase confidence in outcomes from learners’ education achievements, progress summaries and highly-accessible eportfolios

Employers with Apprentices

Greater employer involvement via mobiles or tablets in up-to-date assessment of apprentice progress together with confidence in apprentice EPA-readiness from viewing videos of real work-based exercises

Tutors & Assessors

Flexible control of learners’ progress assessment, education achievement and soft-skills development using our tablet or mobile app for ultimate speed and simplicity

How Competence will help

Cultivate a progress-led learning culture, resulting in outstanding education outcomes.

Compare progress consistently

Compare progress measurement consistently across all courses, including those soft skills. Show which learners & tutors are under/over-performing & assess learner progress in as much or as little detail as each course demands.

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Greater involvement & preparation

Benefit from greater involvement in apprentice progress measurement and judge more easily apprentice readiness for End-Point-Assessment from the learner's videos of work-based exercises and their online ePortfolio.

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Speed, simplicity and control

Painlessly input evidence assessment scores or assignment scores with comprehensive comments, feedback and recommendations for learners and spot easily when learners need interventions in specific areas from periodic progress assessments and education progress achievements.

  • Tablet/Smartphone entry
  • Painless comment dictation-to-text
  • Speed and Simplicity
  • Smart notifications - learner/tutor
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Competence is accessible either via a native tablet/smartphone app or desktop browser, offering the ultimate in user flexibility.
Perfect for Standards

Measures learner's progress against course assessment criteria for Apprenticeship Standards.

  • Course progress achievement
  • Skills progress assessment
  • Evidence submissions & assessment
  • EPA professional discussion & practical observation
  • Learning content
  • ePortfolio
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Measures & Monitors

All key aspects of learner progress covered.

  • Course progress achievement
  • Skills progress assessment
  • Assignment submissions & assessments
  • ePortfolio
  • Learning content
  • IV planning and tracking
  • Standards verification
  • Progress assessment to external LMS
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Continuity for Frameworks

Combines the best practice of Frameworks with the newer requirements of Standards.

  • Progress against criteria
  • Spider charts of progress
  • Evidence and ePortfolio
  • Learning content
  • Speech-to-text/video integration
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Infinitely adaptable

Allows fully flexible assessment criteria including Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours at multiple levels of detail, goal-setting and current performance, feedback, action items, self-assessment and performance against target.

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Flexible scoring methods

Allows flexibility for progress measurement scoring including self, assessor or employer scoring, any numerical scoring range such as 1-4, 1-10, 1-100, verbal assessment levels, RAG rating and many others.

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Evidence of progress & achievements

Education progress achievement by unit/module/topic and more, plus progress measurement of knowledge and skills attained including soft skills, learned behaviours and Maths/English are assisted by video evidence in the learner’s portfolio, easily accessible to learning provider staff, employers or potential employers.

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Engaging and interactive

Fully-featured online learning capability incorporating links, images, video, audio and knowledge checks.

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Comprehensive charting

Compelling visual presentation of progress against all assessment criteria and education progress achievement including spider-charts, graphs and dashboards.

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  • Speech-to-text & multi-media

    Spoken comments-to-text, plus video, audio and other evidence formats complements assessment scores.

  • Complements existing systems

    Thought-leading progress measurement facilities to add to & integrate with existing LMS systems

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